Succession planning

Knowing how to take care of the day to day of the individual Individuals are different from companies when they seek legal advice. They want a customized treatment, and they want to be assisted by the same professional team. Rotation of professionals does not work, because the connection established between the individuals and their lawyers is based on trust. However, just like the legal entities, they need an active, responsive and up-to-date professional team. This is our special feature. We have a professional team focused on solving anything that the client needs. And, however complex the subject may be, the interactions between our lawyers will enable an efficient and quick solution. An excellent treatment for the client. This is our commitment.
A Multidisciplinary Group Nowadays, it does not work to deal with each legal subject separately and according to the subject specialization.

A succession discussion to the family presumes the concurrent analysis of the tax, corporate, and civil effects.

Bearing that in mind, we created a Multidisciplinary Group, so that a tax recommendation, for example, may be accompanied by the corporate examination; a civil discussion may trigger tax suggestions; or a civil advisory may import corporate caution and tax definitions. Our goal is to provide a profound recommendation to the individual, so that each legal field is involved in achieving practical solutions, after the due analysis of all legal fields.
International Succession Planning One of the main special features of our Succession Planning is its global essence.

With our partnership with Ablfs McKfnzif – one of the most wide and sound networks in the legal market, with locations in 47 countries – we provide our clients with the structure to develop projects in a collaborative and integrated manner with the support of lawyers specialized in the area of Succession Planning, encompassing various fields of the Law, such as tax, corporate, civil, criminal, and real estate.

The many teams work jointly to structure the investments in Brazil and abroad, with focus on:

• Consultancy regarding the provision of the efficient structure considering the specific goals of each Family, according to the legislation in force in the jurisdictions involved in the planning;
• International planning aiming at family governance and governance of its business, conceiving legal structures in Brazil and abroad;
• Pre-immigration planning;
• Expatriation;
• Preparation of wills, prenuptial agreements, common law marriage agreement, terminations, and appointment of guardians and curators;
• Consultancy and assistance with the implementation regarding corporate structure, with the respective preparation of the documents concerning the implementation of planned structure to the Family;
• Tax analysis with respect to the income tax and tax on the conveyance of goods by donation, receipt of inheritance and creation of usufruct;
• Preparation of court and out-of-court probate proceeding;
• Advisory in lawsuits to change marriage regime;
• Registration of marriage or divorce that took place abroad with a Brazilian Notary Office and vice-versa;
• Assistance with planning and structuring of exclusive investment funds in Brazil and abroad;
• Assistance with the preparation of the capital and income tax returns abroad to the Central Bank of Brazil;
• Analysis regarding the exchange of global information (FATCA and CRS);
• Risk analysis or operations and immigration, wherever it may be;

Seeking to be always ready for the economic challenges of the new century, Trench Rossi Watanabe, in partnership with Ablfs McKfnzif, has deep knowledge of the market, with more than 4000 lawyers spread over 77 firms around the world. Its wide presence brings a global way of thinking, working, and acting.
How we can help Tax Law

• Wealth Planning regarding assets held in Brazil and abroad;


• Appropriate entity structures;
• Consultancy in the expatriation Process from the point of view of Brazil and that of the destination country;
• Preparation of Income Tax Return;
• Preparation of Return to the Central Bank – DCBE; and
• Statement of Definitive Leave.
Corporate Law
• Articles of Organization and/or Articles of Incorporation;
• Shareholders’ Agreement;
• Nonprofit associations;
• Foundations; and
• Spin-off/merger.
Civil Law
• Real estate agreements;
• Will;
• Donation; and
• Commercial Agreements.
Criminal Law
• Risk analysis of operations;
• Limitation of responsibility; and
• Criminal litigation.
• Work visa in Brazil and abroad; and
• Investment visa in Brazil and abroad.


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