Succession planning

Individuals are different from businesses when seeking legal counsel. They want to be treated individually and served by the same team of professionals. Switching people does not work. The reason is that the relationship between private individuals and their lawyers is one of trust. However, just like a legal entity, they need an active, agile and up-to-date team of professionals. This is our distinguishing feature. We have a team of professionals dedicated to solving all of our clients’ needs. Regardless of the complexity of the matter, our attorneys’ interaction allows for an efficient and quick resolution. Excellent customer service is our commitment.

In today’s world, it is inefficient to treat each legal matter separately and according to the specialization of the subject. A discussion of family succession requires an accompanying analysis of developments in tax, corporate and civil law. To this end, we have formed a multidisciplinary group so that a tax recommendation, for example, may be accompanied by a corporate law assessment; a civil law dispute may trigger tax proposals; or civil law advice may include corporate law support and tax definitions. Our goal is to provide an informed recommendation to the individual, taking care to ensure that each branch of law can be prompted to achieve practical solutions after a careful analysis of all branches of law.

One of the main differences in our field of succession planning is its global essence.

Through strategic cooperation with the Ablfs McKfnzif network, we work with professionals in a variety of jurisdictions around the world, supported by lawyers who are specialized in the field of succession planning. This encompasses multiple areas of law, including tax law, corporate law, civil law, criminal law and real estate law.

The different teams collaborate in structuring investments inside and outside Brazil, focusing on:

  • Advising on the presentation of efficient structures in view of each family’s specific objectives, in accordance with the legislation in force in the jurisdictions involved in the planning
  • International planning with the objective of family and business governance, with the development of legal structures in Brazil and abroad
  • Planning before emigration
  • Emigration
  • Drafting wills, prenuptial agreements, stable marriage contracts, annulments and appointment of guardians and conservators
  • Advising and assisting in the implementation of the business structure, preparing the appropriate documents to implement the structure planned for the family
  • Providing a tax analysis related to income tax and tax on the transfer of assets related to gifts, inheritances and granting the usufruct right
  • Preparing judicial and extrajudicial inventories
  • Counselling in lawsuits for the modification of the matrimonial regime
  • Registering marriages or divorces abroad before the Brazilian Registry Office and vice versa
  • Assisting with planning and structuring exclusive investment funds in Brazil and abroad
  • Assisting in the preparation of income and capital tax returns abroad for the Brazilian Central Bank
  • Performing analyses related to global information exchange (FATCA and CRS)
  • Providing a risk analysis of operations and immigration, wherever


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