The current situation of coronavirus is challenging. It’s a battle for all of us, human beings. As a Firm, we have a duty to provide as much information as possible within our expertise so that we can triumph after this period of time.

On this page, we will post alerts, news, and information relevant to our daily lives so that the whole world can be one step ahead.

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Covid-19 – The Brazilian Governme...

Decree No. 10,414/2020 was published today, extending the Financial Transactions Tax (“IOF”) rate to zero on credit transactions for another three months. The IOF is generally levied on credit transactions by applying a daily rate (defined according to the nature of the borrower – legal entity or individual), limited in some modalities, plus an additional […]

Technical Cooperation Term Nº 12/2013 &...

In continuity with previous e-Alerts, due to the organizational changes in the Judiciary, leveraged by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we inform that there have been advances by the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice (“TJRJ”) regarding the mandatory registration of legal entities in their systems for the purposes of electronic notice and subpoenas. […]

Postponement of the deadline for the pa...

Due to the recent economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), on June 17th, 2020, the Ministry of the Economy issued the Ordinance no. 245/2020 postponing the deadline for the payment of the following federal taxes: The Ordinance 245/2020 has a wording similar to Ordinances 139 and 150, which postponed the deadlines for payment […]

Published resolution of Good Manufactur...

ANVISA published (May 28) the Resolution RDC No. 392/2020 for defining extraordinary and temporary criteria and procedures for flexing certain specific requirements applicable to the Good Manufacturing Practices and Import of Pharmaceutical Inputs, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the RDC, exceptional and temporally, manufacturers and importers of drugs and pharmaceutical inputs may disregard […]

Quick Employment Guide for Return to Work

Yesterday, the Government of the State of São Paulo announced the extension of the quarantine for another 15 days, with progressive flexibilization considering the characteristics of each location. Other states have been following the same path in the pursuit of a gradual resumption of economic activity. In line with the initial reopening movement and in […]


The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) published the following updates in the Electronic Official Bulletin No. 2577, of May 26, 2020: I.    As of June 1, 2020, all deadlines for processing administrative procedures will be resumed, without further extensions.  II.    The remote working for public officers and collaborators was extended, aiming at their safety […]

Data from COVID-19 pandemic in the Stat...

Due to the worsening of coronavirus pandemic in the State of São Paulo, public administration is studying the adoption of more severe restrictions. According to news published in the media, social isolation rates have not reached satisfactory levels and the hospital network for the care of infected people shows signs of exhaustion. These facts point […]

Rio de Janeiro’s Executive Branch...

On May 15, 2020, the State of Rio de Janeiro published Law no. 8,824 / 20, authorizing Rio de Janeiro Governor to create ICMS tax benefits to fight and prevent COVID-19. The benefits may be extended to imports of assets listed in the annex to the Law, as well as on their internal and interstate […]

Rio de Janeiro State exempts tax over d...

On May 7, 2020, the State of Rio de Janeiro published Law no. 8,804/20, which granted ITD exemption on donations intended to combat the pandemic caused by COVID-19. According to the new legislation, the following transactions are exempt from the Tax: a) Cash donations to the State Health Fund, even if they exceed the amount […]

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