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Be Trench!
Check out the opportunities in our offices.

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Our Purpose

Trench Rossi Watanabe is made up of diverse people who have a thirst for innovation in a digital world. We understand our clients’ point of view, and we are committed to ensuring that our relationships and transactions are successful. Our motivation is not only to achieve a goal but also to share our values.

What we strive for

We work to be better at everything we do — in our practices, industries, service lines and our marketplace. We constantly look for ways to achieve better results while learning and growing, and to be a highly caring and proactive Firm in supporting the physical and mental well-being of our people. We take responsibility for our own careers. In return, our people can expect to be well directed, trained and mentored.

Our values represent the way we behave. We regard highly and believe in the richness that diverse environments offer. And when it comes to diversity and inclusion, #NoSomosNeutros.

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Claudio Moretti, member of the Executive Committee, managing partner of the Porto Alegre Office and partner of the Tax Group; and Ana Karen Costa, executive assistant, show their vision of what it is to be Trench.

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See what the work experience at Trench Rossi Watanabe is like through the testimonials of Marcel Nunes, associate of the Transactional Group, and Paula Balduino, Marketing and Communication Coordinator.

Our legal and administrative teams are experts in their fields. They value collaborative relationships and share the pursuit of success. We understand the client’s point of view, and we are committed to ensuring that our relationships and transactions are successful.

Meet the Trench Team
Employees and a projection written respect

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion

We are a firm that truly values diversity. An inclusive and respectful environment is ideal for developing high performance teams that act in a dynamic and creative way and that deliver desired results to clients.

We are always looking for new partnerships and programs that keep us abreast regarding the evolution of an increasingly inclusive culture. Our selection processes are offered to the public. We have affinity groups for employees to discuss relevant topics in the ethno-racial, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, religions, and gender equity pillars. We also encourage participation in our Pro Bono Committee, Environmental Responsibility Committee and Volunteering Committee.


Camila Santos

Criminal law trainee

Affinity groups demonstrate a concern for very pertinent issues and enable the debate of very important problems that, sometimes, even though they are current and affect a large part of the population, may end up being forgotten or left aside in some environments. Making space available to deal with such important issues, in my opinion, is something essential today.


Karina Melo

Charging Analyst

Beside the office's consolidated history, and the structure and receptiveness during my selection process, something that really caught my attention were the affinity groups and the percentage of female leadership. Knowing that I could be part of a company that followed this line of thought that is so important in our current society, and that has been working with the help of its employees to grow even more in several points of inclusion, certainly won my heart.


Gabriel Gonçalves

Labor Lawyer

Since I started working at Trench Rossi Watanabe, I have always been encouraged to be who I really am. I had the pleasure of seeing up close the LGBTQIA+ affinity group develop from being an important culture within the Firm to gaining a name, a body, and allies in this daily battle. It is amazing to be able to work in a place that allows and encourages you to dedicate yourself to diversity, even more so because it is a topic of extreme relevance to me.


Tatiana Martins

Senior analyst — support

The atmosphere at Trench Rossi Watanabe is welcoming, stimulating and friendly. It is good to have managers who not only know your work, but also know your family and your reality, who understand you and make you feel part of something bigger. Who are always willing to help, motivate, and understand that any employee, as good as they may be, have their moments of fragility.


Clarice Santos

Auxiliary — administrative

What motivates me most is the sense of belonging, as well as valuing people and social issues. Because of my gender identity, I know that trans people are mostly not valued or considered for jobs, which are already scarce. Feeling that my life and performance are valuable aspects to the company is very motivating and humanizes my journey as a protagonist!


A program whose purpose is to aggregate and promote the internal and external initiatives of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, encouraging intersectionality within the issues addressed.

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Viva Trench

A platform that promotes the quality of life and well-being of both female and male employees in our offices

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Trench Initiatives

Training programs abroad

Our legal team is constantly included in training programs abroad.

LLM/ATP – Since 2010, around 100 of our professionals have received grants for experiences (either work experience, LLM, and short courses) at institutions such as Columbia University, Northwestern University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Yale, Leiden University, Tilburg University, University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard Law School.

Luis Borghi

Luis Borghi


Having received Trench Rossi's incentive and sponsorship pursue an LL.M abroad has made a big difference in my career. Besides feeling valued within the Firm, the course provided me with international training, knowledge of another legal system, and contact with people of different nationalities and cultures. Without a doubt, it was a great learning experience.

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Trench Academy

The goal is to develop the technical and behavioral skills of young talents within the practice and industry groups in our four offices. The program is designed for law students who have in their DNA the will to learn how to be the protagonist of their careers.


The program is open to law students from the third semester on and who are willing to work as a trainee for six hours per day either morning or afternoon.

Professional development

Our trainees help build an annual calendar of meetings that take place weekly, with the purpose of promoting debates, lectures and knowledge about all of our practice areas, as well as to discuss topics that contribute to personal and professional growth.

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Working and studying is a great challenge, especially during the pandemic. Therefore, Trench Rossi Watanabe aims to promote a suitable environment for learning, even from a distance. Check out the daily routine of some of our interns.
Camila Santos

Thiago Alexandre

Law trainee

I joined the Firm as a job rotation intern. This model has proven to be a unique opportunity for me to come into contact with various areas of law and decide which one I would like to pursue in the future. The office also offers several venues and opportunities for education and personal improvement, such as lectures and training sessions, and discussion groups on a wide variety of topics. In addition, the office has a very welcoming environment and very well prepared people.

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Trench Experience

This is a seasonal internship program aimed primarily at law students from vulnerable and diverse groups, especially in the racial pillar, with a focus on social mobility. The students experience the daily legal routine, gaining experience and increasing their chances of entering the market. We've been investind in partnerships with universities, such as the Zumbi dos Palmares University, considering editions with 100% of the vacancies reserved for black people.

The main objectives of this program are the following:

• Promote inclusion and social mobility through our core business
• Provide legal market experience to law students from diverse and socially vulnerable areas
• Make the leadership aware of the value that different people in the team and in the Firm can generate
• Provide spaces for mutual learning, with great interaction of affinity groups and presentation of diversity projects at the end of the internship

Jullia Moizio

Jullia Moizio

Civil Litigation Intern

The program gave me the opportunity to get to know an area that I was very interested in, and that was unknown to me, and to meet incredible people who had the patience, attention and care to sit down with me and teach me. This is a great differential, and it was mainly what made me want to continue in the office.


Raquel Rodrigues

Law Trainee

The office was very warm in supporting and welcoming us. The remote assistance available at all times and the equipment made available were fundamental to provide a great experience and security to work at home. The online systems ensured that we could get closer to people even at a distance. This policy made the experience warm and real, because we felt we were inside the office even though we were at home.

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Trench Connection

This pillar offers internal meetings, held at our offices, where student entities and young people in undergraduate courses can exchange ideas and experiences with our legal team. Stay tuned for our other events and we encourage you to participate!


Be Trench

At Trench Rossi Watanabe, we work to promote an inclusive culture that strives for equity and respect for diversity (gender, religion, PcD, LGBTQIA+ and ethnic-racial). All our vacancies respect this commitment. Be part of our team!


Come and Be Trench! Check out the open positions.

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