Trench Rossi Watanabe celebrates 60 years


2019 has been full of emotions for our office. Over the months, we have been celebrating our six decades of achievements. On October 29, we received over 450 guests, including clients, retired partners and friends, at Casa Fasano, in São Paulo, for our 60th birthday party. The event was rocked by the sound of the Silibrina Band and Barão Vermelho. Sabrina Parlatore led the night while artist Giuliano Martinuzo did a live painting on an 8-meter painting that will be in our São Paulo office. Partners Anna Mello, José Roberto Martins and Simone Dias Musa, members of our Administrative Committee, starred in the institutional moment of the party, highlighting our differentials and our success in these 60 years. Our recognized expertise and quality would not be possible without the talent of all the people who passed through here. We value and learn from our history and, together with the new generation that is coming, we are building the next years, with even more achievements, valuing the culture of friendship, diversity and belonging. New site As part of the celebration, we launched our new, more modern, user-friendly and accessible website for people with disabilities. The content, restructured and updated, positions the office in a more strategic and inclusive way for clients and other stakeholders. The site was developed on the “mobile first” concept and adapts for use on any device. Information about attorneys and practice groups is now located more clearly and neatly, facilitating information searches and queries in our four offices and optimizing contact with our clients. New is the inclusion of the percentage of male and female lawyers, reflecting our commitment to gender and diversity issues. We currently have an equal gender ratio in all positions, administrative and legal, which is a source of pride for our firm. Another concern is the inclusion of people with disabilities. Through the handtalk app, the site also offers content in pounds for the hearing impaired.

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