SEFAZ-RJ Resolution # 153/2020: State T...

The Rio de Janeiro State published, on July 3rd, 2020, SEFAZ-RJ Resolution # 153/2020, governing the adherence to Repetro-SPED special tax regime for the purposes of Law # 8,890/2020.   Rio de Janeiro ICMS Taxpayers willing to join the tax regime in question must complete and submit the “notice of adherence” (“termo de comunicação“), available […]

Ministry of Environment launches The Fo...

Ordinance No. 288/2020 from the Ministry of Environment (“MMA”) was published earlier this Friday (3 July 2020) on the Federal Official Gazette, creating the Payment for Environmental Services National Program, named “Forest + Program”. The goal of the Program is to encourage the creation of a private market of payment for environmental services, in order […]

Covid-19 – The Brazilian Governme...

Decree No. 10,414/2020 was published today, extending the Financial Transactions Tax (“IOF”) rate to zero on credit transactions for another three months. The IOF is generally levied on credit transactions by applying a daily rate (defined according to the nature of the borrower – legal entity or individual), limited in some modalities, plus an additional […]

Technical Cooperation Term Nº 12/2013 &...

In continuity with previous e-Alerts, due to the organizational changes in the Judiciary, leveraged by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we inform that there have been advances by the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice (“TJRJ”) regarding the mandatory registration of legal entities in their systems for the purposes of electronic notice and subpoenas. […]

National Consumer Secretariat establish...

On June 25, 2020, the National Consumer Secretariat (“SENACON”) published Ordinance No. 20/2020, which regulates the submission of periodic reports regarding recall campaigns to the Department of Consumer Protection and Defense (“DPDC”). The Ordinance determines that the petition that submits the reports must contain, at least, the following information: i. the procedure number generated by […]

Rio de Janeiro City Hall publishes decr...

On Thursday (06/18/2020), the Executive Branch of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro published Municipal Decree No. 47,538, which institutes “Anticorrupção Carioca”, an anticorruption reporting channel. According to the decree, the service aims to allow citizens of Rio de Janeiro to report any acts of misconduct, corruption, fraud, bribery and embezzlement of resources, as well […]

Special tax settlement for outstanding ...

Due to the economic crisis triggered by the outbreak of Covid-19, the Office of the Attorney-General of the National Treasury enacted Ordinance No. 14,402/2020, in effect since 17th of June 2020, setting forth the special tax settlement for outstanding federal debts. The period for enrolling to the program is from the 1st of July 2020 […]

Senate approves Provisional Measure (&#...

The Senate unanimously approved on this last Tuesday (06/16/20) the Provisional Measure 936/2020, which allows the suspension of the employment contract and the proportional reduction of hours and wages, as well as bring some relevant changes to the Profit Sharing (PLR) legislation. The measure affects workers in the private sector. In the report in favor […]

Postponement of the deadline for the pa...

Due to the recent economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), on June 17th, 2020, the Ministry of the Economy issued the Ordinance no. 245/2020 postponing the deadline for the payment of the following federal taxes: The Ordinance 245/2020 has a wording similar to Ordinances 139 and 150, which postponed the deadlines for payment […]

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