Public consultation on corporate emissions’ control and Proconve L8


In brief

The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (IBAMA) opened a public consultation regarding a new normative that regulates the control of corporate emissions and the management of pollutant emission credits for the Vehicle Emission Control Program’s L8 phase (“Proconve L8“).  
The public consultation is being done in accordance with CONAMA Resolution No. 492/2018, which established the Proconve L7 and L8 phases and aims to obtain input from stakeholders who will be involved in Proconve L8.  

Further details

The public consultation presents the draft of the new normative, considering the need for advances in the control of vehicle emissions.

The Proconve program, instituted by CONAMA Resolution No. 18/1986, has, among others, the following objectives:

  • To reduce the levels of pollutant emissions by automotive vehicles
  • To promote the national technological development for measurements of pollutant emissions
  • To create inspection and maintenance programs for motor vehicles
  • To promote knowledge about air pollution by motor vehicles
  • To promote improvement in the technical characteristics of available fuels to reduce pollutants emitted
  • To establish conditions for the evaluation of the results obtained

Proconve has already passed through a few phases, aiming to reduce the limits of pollutant emissions by light and heavy duty vehicles in the long term. Currently, CONAMA Resolution No. 490/2018 establishes the Proconve L7 phase (currently in force), which aims to reduce fuel vapor in the atmosphere, and Proconve L8 (in public consultation), which aims to reduce emission of nitrogen oxides.

Proconve L8 phase, which will come into effect on 1 January 2025, will bring new maximum limits for pollutant emissions in a corporate manner for light commercial and light passenger road vehicles sold in Brazil. In addition, it establishes the generation of pollutant emission credits with the aim to meet the defined emission levels.

Considering that IBAMA is responsible for publishing the procedure regulating the generation, balance and use of pollutant emission credits, it published the draft normative regulating the control of corporate emissions and management of emission credits. The purpose of the current public consultation is to collect contributions for the improvement of the proposal, which establishes: (i) the obligation to submit to IBAMA a report with data on compliance with corporate emission limits; and (ii) the possibility of generating, compensating and exchanging credits between corporations that manufacture and/or import light passenger vehicles, vehicles with special characteristics for off-road use, and light commercial vehicles.

Those interested to offer suggestions for the proposed normative must submit the contribution form by 21 November 2022.

Our Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability team is available to provide further clarifications on the subject.

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