MDIC suspends SISCOSERV without providing further clarification

The Ministry of Economy, Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC) informed on the SISCOSERV page (in the Federal Revenue’s E-CAC) that the system was deactivated from 7/11/2020 and that additional information can be obtained at two electronic addresses available on the website.
In spite of that, the legislation related to SISCOSERV continues to be in force. Law No. 12,546/2011 provides that the MDIC will establish the form, deadlines and conditions for the provision of the information related to foreign trade of services, intangibles and other transactions.

In this sense, the deactivation of the electronic system developed for the submission of such information to the authorities made the SISCOSERV rules without practical effects in the current moment.
The MDIC informed that the SISCOSERV modules will be shut down during this period to redirect federal government resources and that it will be necessary, therefore, to follow new regulations on the subject.
We are available in case you need further clarification.
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