Technical Cooperation Term Nº 12/2013 – Daily Report – 06/20/2020


In continuity with previous e-Alerts, due to the organizational changes in the Judiciary, leveraged by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we inform that there have been advances by the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice (“TJRJ”) regarding the mandatory registration of legal entities in their systems for the purposes of electronic notice and subpoenas.

Under the justification of making the provision of jurisdiction feasible in considering the difficulties of the current scenario of social distance, the TJRJ issued Notice nº 53/2020 extending the deadline for the registration of legal entities in the Public or Private Legal Entity Registration System (“SISTCADPJ” ) until 07/01/2020, with no possibility of further extension. In addition, there is mention that, after such period, there will be a full resumption of the effects contained in Notice No. 43/2020.

It is worth remembering that Notice No. 43/2020 requires registration by legal entities in the SISTCADPJ (legal entity registration system) for the performance of personal summons and subpoenas, as well as conditioning authorization for petition protocols in processes already underway and filing. new actions. Thus, with the exception of micro and small businesses, all legal entities must perform the referred registration. Upon completion, the legal entity must, by means of the digital certificate, appoint a person responsible for accessing the SISTCADPJ on their behalf and send the constitutive acts of the company and / or any other document that proves the powers granted to the designated person.

Companies will be able to register through the link provided by the Court (, which also offered a manual with user instructions (

This alert is to remember the extreme importance to litigation, which is why we emphasize the need for the company, once the registration has been carried out, to adopt a routine of constant monitoring of the system, in order to avoid potential losses resulting from the performance of citations or subpoenas without effective and timely knowledge of the interested party, especially if the company already has active processes in the TJRJ.

We are at your disposal to assist you in case of doubts or difficulties in registering.

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