Covid-19 – The Brazilian Governme...

Decree No. 10,414/2020 was published today, extending the Financial Transactions Tax (“IOF”) rate to zero on credit transactions for another three months. The IOF is generally levied on credit transactions by applying a daily rate (defined according to the nature of the borrower – legal entity or individual), limited in some modalities, plus an additional […]

Technical Cooperation Term Nº 12/2013 &...

In continuity with previous e-Alerts, due to the organizational changes in the Judiciary, leveraged by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we inform that there have been advances by the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice (“TJRJ”) regarding the mandatory registration of legal entities in their systems for the purposes of electronic notice and subpoenas. […]

New rules for the insurance bond

The president of the Superior Labor Court (TST) and Superior Council of Labor Justice (CSJT), Justice Maria Cristina Peduzzi, and Justice Aloysio Corrêa da Veiga (Head of  Labor Court’s Internal Affairs), signed on May 29th, the joint act TST.CSJT.CGJT n. 1/2020, providing for new rules for the use of insurance bond in replacement to the […]


On May 22, the Supreme Court (STF) will start to rule complaint ADI 5,529, filed by the Federal Public Prosecutors’ Office (FPP) to declare Article 40, sole paragraph, of the Brazilian IP Law unconstitutional. The provision establishes an exceptional rule to guarantee that patent owners will have a minimum of 10 (for patents) and 7 […]

Ministry of Economy extends federal ins...

On May 12, 2020, the Ministry of Economy enacted Ordinance no. 201/20, extending the deadline for payment of installments resulting from debts with the IRS and the Attorney General’s Office. According to the Ordinance, the installments due in May, June and July may be paid in August, October and December, respectively, only with the incidence […]

Face masks now mandatory in São Paulo f...

As another measure to prevent the coronavirus spread, the State of São Paulo enacted Decree 64,959/2020, which requires the use of facial protectors inside business that develop essential activities. The measure is effective as of May 7, 2020 and its violation may result in penalties provided in the same legislation. The Decree determines that the […]

Changes in the Transfer and Gift Tax (&...

In the middle of April, the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo started analysing the Bill of Law No. 250/20, which proposes relevant changes in the Transfer and Gift Tax (“ITCMD”) legislation. The ITCMD is a State tax due over gifts and inheritances. In São Paulo, the legislation currently in force provides that ITCMD […]

Deadline to register Financial-Economic...

A reminder that according to Resolution No. 3844, of March 23, 2010, of the Brazilian National Monetary Council, and Circular No. 3814, of December 7, 2016, of the Central Bank of Brazil, companies that receive foreign investment and have assets or net equity equal to or greater than BRL 250,000,000.00 (two hundred fifty million Reais) must submit their financial […]


On April 28, 2020 the Administrative Department of the Courts of the State of São Paulo enacted a ruling (“Provimento CG No. 12/2020”), which authorizes and regulates the practice of notary acts by electronic means. In view of the restrictions on activities and travels ordered by governmental authorities seeking to minimize the effects of the […]

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